A pure rust YAML implementation.

This project is maintained by chyh1990


The missing YAML 1.2 implementation for Rust.

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yaml-rust is a pure Rust YAML 1.2 implementation without any FFI and crate dependencies, which enjoys the memory safe property and other benefits from the Rust language. The parser is heavily influenced by libyaml and yaml-cpp.

This crate works on all Rust supported platforms and Rust 1.0.0 and nightly!

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NOTE: This library is still under heavily development.

Quick Start

Adding the following to the Cargo.toml in your project:

yaml-rust = "0.3.5"

and import using extern crate:

extern crate yaml_rust;

Use yaml::YamlLoader to load the YAML documents and access it as Vec/HashMap:

See Readme and Rustdoc for more information.